Version: 1.6.0 (Hotfix 4) (Datum: 2010/4/29)


- Fixed: Now all armors use the appropriate material, fixing visual errors in fused armors and tunics.
- Fixed: Graphic error that prevented correct visualization of paints in Direct3D mode.
- Fixed: Error that caused bald characters to continue displaying helmet/hat even though unequipped.
- Fixed: Local lights, used in torches or street lamps, that caused excessive lighting.
- Fixed: Error that caused some objects blooming inappropriately in some situations.
- Fixed: Error in networking code that caused the client to close unexpectedly (crash).
- Fixed: Several minor corrections to the new characters (Including model and animation tweaks).
- Modified: Grass in OpenGL mode now looks more similar to grass in Direct3D mode.
- New: Shader support for Intel video cards in OpenGL mode (Direct3D is still recommended under Windows).
- Modified: Test items that were obtained erroneously by monster loot were removed from the game (said items had no properties and had errors).

Modified: The collision system that prevents creatures and objects spawning on top of map objects was optimized.

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