Versão: 0.9.25 (Data: 2007/12/19)


- New: Item premium duration is not accounted for when the server is down for maintenance/update. This means that if you've bought a 1 week rent horse, you will still have a week of time regardless of how long the server was down.
- New: Dragons now cast spells.
- New: Helmets now show their material color correctly.
- New: Monsters no longer slip or walk in place.
- New: Warrior spells casting when the enemy moves out of range bug fix. For instance, after a spell cast such as Feint was succesfully started, the enemy no longer can escape running.
- Fixed: Spells are no longer allowed to be launched after disconnect countdown has begun.
- Fixed: Critical bug fix for armors whereas a player attack had two or more types of damage. Heroic presence, caution and other spells were not working correctly due to this error.
- Fixed: Shaanarid (Ignis Castle) door can be attacked normally now.
- Fixed: Quests with class/subclass restriction (training quests).
- Fixed: Pets and summonings no longer stop following the owner when they are too far away.
- Updated: Hunters are now allowed to tame creatures up to normal challenge rate (color coded as light blue).

- Fixed: Buddy list deletes automatically characters that do not exist.
- Fixed: Closing the game down no longer breaks the character spells when using the command "reset_powers".
- Fixed: Physics processing frequence was irregular.
- Updated: Several critical engine areas were optimized.
- Updated: Messages between client and server size slightly decreased.

- Fixed: Creature attack range.
- Fixed: Creature regeneration rate considerably decreased.
- Fixed: Dragon loot improved.
- Fixed: Quests:
- Allamar's Runestone: Sweet Dreams)
- Missing Runestones: Bloodless Heart
- Tarantula Poisoning
- Natural Weapons IV
- Sick Chickens
- Putrid Meat
- Lefrath's Runestone - The Second Earring
- The Chest Lock: Blood Bonds
- The Chest Lock: Soul on Your Chest
- Missing Runestones: Blind Eyes
- Elite Guard Training: Test II
- Sacrifices
- Admirers: Declaration
- Admirers: Declaration
- Allamar's Runestone: Sweet Dreams
- Lefrath's Runestone: The Second Earring
- The Chest Lock: Blood Bonds
- The Chest Lock: Soul on Your Chest
- Missing Runestones: Bloodless Heart
- The Master Lord: Task I
- New: Magical items.

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