Test Server

The testing server, named "Amun", is a world specifically tailored to test new features, fixes and overall polish.

You can access this server, by selecting it on the world selection list when logging into the game.
Please note that testing server files are downloaded into a separate folder to avoid disturbing the official game client. The first time you do this, it might take a while depending on your connection.

Champions of Regnum development process includes the following stages:

  1. Internal development at NGD Studios HQ.
  2. Preliminary testing at NGD Studios HQ.
  3. Changes get incorporated into testing server, allowing public access to new features if needed.
  4. Priority fixes for important errors.
  5. Live servers are updated with new features/changes.
  6. Back to point (1) and repeat.

Important considerations

  • Player characters on the testing server could be erased without previous notice. The wipe out frequency depends entirely on specific needs, sometimes it happens after a few months, sometimes it happens after a week.
  • Ximerin gets decreased from your inventory but it doesn't get saved onto the database. Ximerin is only spent on the live server.
  • While Ximerin doesn't get deduced, you need to have the minimum amount required to buy the desired items.
  • Experimental server availabilty is linked to specifics testing needs.
  • Player character modifications done by Administrators/developers are performed on certain special situations where we deem necessary to do so. Please, do not ask for level raise, money or items.
  • From time to time, performance tests are executed and some or all player characters found at that time, may be teletransported to specific areas.

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