Version: 1.0.7 (Date: 2009/7/20)



- Fixed: Positioning code has been improved. All movement updates have been optimized considering distance between players. At less distance, more precision and viceversa.


- New: Game Launcher now checks the consistence of the game resource database files and applies corrections if necessary (files with sdb extension).

- Updated: The animation system has been modified to check if the animation is longer than the casting time and skip it if it's the case.


- New: Strafing player movement. Mouselook and mouse movement.
- New: New key and mouse mappings that are easily updated via the in-game Options window (This allows for a setup similar to the configuration prior to the Strafing/Mouselook improvements).
- Fixed: 'Reset values to default' option now also resets key mappings.
- Fixed: Death character animation is now only displayed when the character died in our vicinity.
- Fixed: Players can no longer get trapped inside the Great Wall and the inner fence.
- Fixed: Character movement is no longer blocked when using the mouse on the quickbar along with movement keys.
- Fixed: Dead characters can no longer send chat requests.
- Fixed: Realm gems that automatically return to their pedestal are now updated correctly on the map.
- Fixed: It's no longer possible to get any of the Realm gems from the pedestals if the realm is not currently being invaded.
- Updated: Increased penalty for killing enemy players near the Altar of resurrection up to 20 Regnum Points.
- Updated: Overhead damage numbers are now only visible to the player, selected target and members of the party.


- New: Several visual improvements to the entire Ignis initiation area. This includes new buildings, new objects and updated previous ones.
- New: Huge revamp to all Ignis initiation area quests. Quests are now divided into regular quests and Realm storyline quests.
- New: Customizable weapons. Socketed weapons and gems can now be obtained from creatures loot.
- Updated: Following weapons damage has been increased slighty (Great Claymore, 2-handed Royal Spear, 2-handed Dragon Axe). As a consequence, said weapons that have "Fine Steel" material now require level 50 instead of 49.

Balance: The following spells have been modified (for further information, please check the Balance forums).

- Updated: Dual Shot.
- Updated: Eagle's Eye.
- Updated: Death Sentence.

- Updated: Typhoon.
- Updated: Thunder Strike.
- Updated: Impale.
- Updated: Multiple Thrust.
- Updated: Lightning Strike.
- Updated: Feint.
- Updated: Shield Wall.
- Updated: Stars Shield.
- Updated: Deflecting Barrier.
- Updated: Spiritual Blow.
- Updated: Rend.
- Updated: Beast Attack.
- Updated: Deafening Roar.
- Updated: Howl.
- Updated: Onslaught.

- Fixed: Regenerate self.
- Fixed: Regenerate ally.
- Updated: Mind Push.
- Updated: Sanctuary.
- Updated: Wind Wall.
- Updated: Cremate.
- Updated: Energy Borrow.
- Updated: Bless Weapon.

- New: Item "Engrave Socket". Allows to add a socket to the weapon.
- New: Item "Remove gems". Allows to remove gems from the weapon.
- Fixed: Casting Teleportation scroll now stops the character.

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