Version: 1.33.6 (Date: 2022/11/18)


- Fixed: Companion Shadow is now account bound.
- Fixed: Video Advanced Settings Rendering Quality selector. Now it applies the recommended settings correctly.
- Fixed: Problems selecting a Video quality in the Video settings.
- Fixed: Error that caused client crashes.
- Added: Shadow Detail levels 3 and 4. This allows to have better detailed shadows in higher resolutions.
- Added: "Damage per second" stat to the Character Sheet under the "Speed" category.
- Added: Dummies to test attacks and damage next to the newbie arenas in the first town of each realm. These dummies are level 60, with infinite health and no protection at all, making it possible to see the exact damage output of each attack.
- Added: Command to get stats from weapon attacks. Use the command "-combat_stats" to start and the same one to end and get statistics on the attacks. Only usable in Amun everywhere and in the area of the Dummies in the initiation zone in Ra, as it affects the performance in the calculation of attacks massively.
- Added: Command "-reset_cooldowns" to reset power cooldowns. Only usable in Amun.


IMPORTANT! Please read before checking the changes:

We realized that the mage needs complex changes (such as how damage is calculated) and counter-skills (to avoid being affected by Confuse temporarily, for instance) and this could clash with the plans we have of making a "digestible" amount of changes to balance each time, but more often. Now, these changes are going live and immediately after, we will start a new stage in which we will concentrate more on the mages.

Also, this update focuses in fixing the Two Handed weapons, which are to be focused on maximizing damage, and Dual Handed weapons in speed and agility. Both should have somehow similar DPS (now visible easily in the Character Sheet) to begin with taking into account only passive stats and spells. In order for all these changes to be optimal, more stages of balance are needed and will start right away after this update. Please, don't take these changes as final, but just as a beginning to make both weapon styles useful!


- Modified: Paladin's Aid. Cooldown raised by 10 seconds.
Note: This is a spell that works pretty well, and is central to role of a Knight. The fact that annoys some players is proof that it does its job. Modifications to it should always be minor and counter-tactics should be the focus of the discussion about it.


- Fixed: Spells in the Two Handed Weapons discipline only cause their effect or can be used when a Two Handed weapon is equipped.
Note: This discipline was intended only for the Two Handed Weapons, and Dual Handed weapons should have the benefit of using multiple damage disciplines (i.e: Blunt and Piercing, Slashing and Blunt, etc).
- Added: Hands of Steel. Passive. Level 17 in Two Handed Weapons discilpline. Attack Range +5%/+10%/+15%/+20%/+25%. Damage Bonus +10%/+13%/+16%/+20%/+30%.
Note: This will act as the initial enhancement of the Two Handed weapons, which is made in the powers system instead of potentially breaking the whole weapons balance.
- Modified: Whirlwind. Spell removed from level 19 in Two Handed Weapons discipline.
- Modified: Rage of the Earth. Changed to level 19 in Two Handed Weapons discipline. Inflict Damage changed to Weapon Damage 100%/105%/110%/115%/125%. Arc aperture changed from 45 to 60.
- Modified: Challenging Roar. Duration reduced to 20 seconds.
Note: This spell is to be used as a calculated counter-measure, not to have it active all the time.
- Modified: Thirst for Blood. Moved to level 7 of the discipline "Warcries". Attack Speed bonus reduced to 5%/6%/7%/8%/10%. In two handed weapons: damage bonuses of 10/20/30/40/50. In dual handed weapons: each of the 5 successful attacks add 5%/7%/9%/11%/15% Attack Speed per attack.
Note: This allows the Dual Handed weapons to still be maximized in speed, and without having to spend points in the Two Handed Mastery discipline and spend them in the 3 damage specific ones, which was the original focus for dual handed weapons.
- Modified: Threat. Moved to level 1 of the discipline "Two Handed Mastery". Cooldown raised to 60 seconds. Duration 10/14/16/18/25 seconds. Mana cost 100/120/140/160/180. Critical Damage +10%/+13%/+16%/+20%/+30%.
Note: This spell was currently not being used, now we can test effects that would make it useful for the Two Handed weapons. This is just an initial test, can be completely different in the future.
- Modified: Using Dual Handed weapons now allows to use spells from two of the damage disciplines (Blunt, Piercing or Slashing) depending on which individual weapons are equipped.
Note: This was the original intention for Dual Handed weapons, which opens the road to many enhancements on the spells of these three disciplines in order to make Dual Handed weapons attractive in terms of agility more than damage maximization.
- Modified: Accurate Swings, Brutal Impacts and Agile Maneuvers can't be used at the same time. After using one, the others can't be used until the cooldown of the other is finished.
- Modified: Howl in Warcries discipline exchanged for Deafening Roar in Two Handed Mastery discipline.
- Modified: Berserk. Added +10% Attack Speed in level 5 when using dual weapons.


- Modified: Dodge. Cooldown reduced to 80 seconds.
- Modified: Ignus Scorch. Casting time reduced to instant. Added Movement Speed -10%/-12%/-14%/-18%/-25% for 3/4/5/6/7 seconds. Arc Aperture changed from 25 to 40.
Note: The usage of a close range spell such as this one has to be faster and with something to gain other than damage, as when an archer loses range, needs tools to regain it.
- Modified: Finger Crush. Renamed to Skin Piercer. Resistance to Physical and Magical Damage -10%/-20%/-30%/-40%/-50% for 3/3/4/4/5 seconds. Added Piercing Damage 30/60/100/180/300. Cooldown raised to 60 seconds.
Note: This is to give the Marksman the ability to neutralize the benefits of auras such as Stars Shield for a very reduced amount of time to plan a combo with, for instance, Arcana Strike.
- Modified: Caltrops Arrow. Duration reduced to 15 seconds.


- Modified: Inherited Lightness. Raised shared experience. Mana Regeneration raised to 5%/10%/20%/30%/50%.
Note: Hunters need more tools to help allies and also get a bigger share of the contribution. Spells that don't do damage have a Shared Experience which is an equivalent to damage to calculate contribution.
- Modified: Camouflage. Cannot cast Confuse for 5 seconds after Camouflage ends. Duration changed to 20/30/45/60/80 seconds. Piercing damage raised to 50/80/120/170/250.
Note: Hunters will still be able to suprise their enemies with the deadly combos that start with, for instance, Confuse after Camouflage, but now they will have to choose wisely where to get out of Camouflage before applying this death sentence. Other immediate deadly combos are still possible but that are possible to counter. We will be taking a look at these situations more closely in the future.
- Modified: Confuse. Duration reduced to 8/10/12/15/20 seconds. Cooldown raised to 70 seconds.
Note: Minor changes but to ensure this spell's effect is more related to the level it has been skilled to.

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