Version: 1.28 (Date: 2020/9/16)


- Modified: Basic resistance to spells has been removed. All spell resistance will now be absolute and only provided by spells.
- Modified: Character details interface. All attributes and stats are now categorised and shown per category at a time.
- Modified: Constitution gives 0.2% resistance to stun for each point after 70 to Knights.
- Modified: Strength gives 0.2% resistance to knock down for each point after 70 to Barbarians.
- Modified: Intelligence gives 0.2% Resistance to Dizzy for each point after 70 to Mages.
- Modified: Dexterity gives 0.2% Resistance to Immobilise for each point after 70 to Archers.
- Modified: Concentration gives 0.2% Critical Chance bonus for each point after 50 (gave 0.1% after 40 before).
- Modified: Concentration gives 0.2% Casting Speed bonus for each point after 70 (gave 0.1% after 69 before).
- Modified: Reduction to Crowd Control resistances don't apply while the Barbarian is under the effect of Unstoppable Madness.
- Modified: Son of the Wind overrides current Absolute Spell Resistance and applies its value directly.
- Modified: Companion delay removed. Visual effects when spawning and despawning removed as well.
- Modified: Dragons armor set bonus for Warlocks. Removed Spell Resistance bonus. Added Intelligence +7.

- Modified: Dodge. Removed Evade Chance. Resists the next Crowd Control effect. Duration 2/4/6/8/10. Visual effect now is constant (green circles). Cast time raised to 1 second. Cooldown raised to 120 seconds. Mana cost raised to 120/140/160/180/200.
- Modified: Obfuscate. Concentration reduction changed to -15%/-20%/-25%/-30%/-35%. Casting Speed reduction changed to -10%/-15%/-20%/-25%/-30%. Added Resistance to Immobilise -10%/-10%/-15%/-15%/-20%. Added Resistance to Dizzy -10%/-10%/-15%/-15%/-20%.

- Modified: Martial Reflexes. Added Resistance to Stun 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%. Critical Chance raised to +100%/+200%/+300%/+400%/+500%. Duration reduced to 30/35/40/50/70.
- Modified: Crash. Changed Spell Resistance for Resistance to Stun -10%/-15%/-20%/-25%/-30%. Added Cannot be resisted.
- Modified: Rigorous Preparation. Removed Evasion Chance. Removed Opponent Critical Chance. Resists the next Crowd Control effect. Duration 3/6/9/12/15. Mana cost lowered to 100/120/140/160/180. Casting time reduced to instant.
- Modified: Back Slam. Removed Dizzy. Added Resistance to Dizzy -10%/-20%/-30%/-40%/-50% (Success Chance 100%. Duration: 15 seconds). Blunt damage raised to 160-200/190-230/220-260/250-290/280-320. Cooldown raised to 30 seconds. Added hit animation and constant visual effect.

- Modified: Challenging Roar. Resists the next Crowd Control effect in level 5. Added constant visual effect (red halo).

- Modified: Challenge. Changed Spell Resistance for Opponent Resistance to Knock Down -20%/-40%/-60%/-80%/-100%.
- Modified: Protect Ally. Cooldown raised to 30 seconds.

- Modified: Clumsiness. Removed Dexterity reduction. Added Main Class Attribute reduction -10%/-15%/-20%/-25%/-30%.
- Modified: Protection Dome. Removed Absolute Spell Resistance. Caster is not affected. Removed Caster Movement Speed reduction. Added Resistance to Physical Damage +4%/+8%/+12%/+16%/+20%.
- Modified: Dispel Magic. Cooldown raised to 20 seconds.
- Modified: Blindness. Added Resistance to Dizzy -10%/-15%/-20%/-25%/-30%.

- Modified: Shifting Silhouette. Changed Evade Chance for Opponent Attack Speed -3%/-6%/-9%/-12%/-15%.

- Modified: Sadistic Guards. Changed Spell Resistance for Resistance to Knock Down and Stun -100%. Duration 4/8/12/16/20. Cooldown raised to 90 seconds. Cannot be casted if Unstoppable Madness is active.

- Fixed: Inventory interface incorrectly repositioned when opening other interfaces such as Character or Community.
- Fixed: Descriptions of all attributes in the Character details interface have been reviewed and fixed in some cases.
- Fixed: Colors of modifiers in the tooltip depending on the type and effect on the caster or target.
- Fixed: Unstoppable Madness was not showing all of its modifiers in its tooltip (Resistance to Cannot Attack was not being shown).
- Fixed: Texts in all languages of the modifiers related to this version's changes.
- Fixed: Cancelling a craft forced the creation of the next craft in queue even if there were not enough free slots.
- Fixed: Paladin's Aid could be cast after casting Precise Block (Precise Block already can't be cast if Paladin's Aid is active).
- Fixed: Stash Carrier was causing disconnections after moving.
- Fixed: Choosing to disconnect while using the Stash Carrier caused an instant disconnection.
- Fixed: Quickbar cue notice size fixed (light blue blinking square).
- Fixed: Size of Character Details window to fit all text sizes in each language.
- Added: Crowd control and damage resistances to the Character details interface.
- Added: Message in the Combat Log to both players when a one of them resists a spell's crowd control.
- Added: Attack speed to Speed category in the Character details interface. Value shows how many seconds it takes to make 1 hit. This is the weapon interval. For mages and archers (ranged classes) is slightly faster.
- Added: Description for Attack Speed and show hits per second as well.

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