Version: 1.11.1 (Date: 2014/11/28)


Gameplay Balance - Invasions
- Fixed: Now all spawn distances when exiting a fort are equal in all fortifications.

Gameplay - Skills
- Fixed: Sanctuary now properly removes the War Confidence buff when casted.
- Fixed: War Confidence does not wear off when mounting under its effect.
- Fixed: Stalker Surroundings now cancels out when casting buffs.
- Fixed: Teleport Scrolls now cancel out their cast if the user equips or unequips an item.
- Fixed: It is not possible to remove the fall damage effect by choosing to disconnect and cancel the countdown.
- Fixed: Now the Dismount effect does not avoid the user to receive fall damage.

Game Interface
- Fixed: Now the skillbar works properly when moving items from one slot to another.

Game World
- Fixed: Alsius Water Pendant Holder now does not fall off the cliff.
- Fixed: Ignis Wind Pendant Holder now does not jump down below to the beach.

Gameplay - Powers
- Modified: Most powers from both NPC and creatures have been modified. This becomes specially notorious when it comes to certain skills that ended up being annoying (like Rake, from feline creatures).

Premium - Items
- New: Melt Ingot. This item allows the user to melt an ingot and transform it into raw magnanites. 1 ingot per use.

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