Version: 0.9.13 (Date: 2007/6/14)


- Updated: Towncriers updated.
- New: 70 new quests for levels 16 to 40 in Syrtis and Alsius (Next in Ignis as well).
- Fixed: A quest in Alsius that was cutting off the runic stones storyline continuity.
- Fixed: Some quests in Ignis.
- Updated: Slightly increased initiation zones maximum creature spawning.

- New: Wasp sting was replaced by a new spell: Recharged arrows.
- Updated: Parabolic shot was fixed onto 30% and varies according to the spell level. Level 5 is exactly the same as before.
- Updated: Deatch sentence mana cost changes: l1) 50, l2) 80, l3) 110, l4) 140, l5) 170.
- Updated: Slight changes to Shield piercing spell to improve its efficiency at lower levels.
- Updated: Monsters now increase their damage resistance instead of evasion rate on higher levels.
- Fixed: Incorrect damage calculation on weapons with material/quality bonuses.
- Fixed: Shield Wall.
- Fixed: Revive no longer works on alive characters.
- Fixed: Sanctuary and Low profile now stop all buffs on the summoner.
- Fixed: When activating the experience boost scroll, seconds from the last creature slained were being count.

- Fixed: (Windows) OpenGL in fullscreen mode is no longer interrupted by MSN or other programs pop-ups.

- Fixed: Error while trying to create a clan.

- New: OpenGL capabilities detection.

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