Version: 0.9.12 (Date: 2007/6/7)


- Updated: Archer evasion revamp.
- Updated: Knights precise block revamp.
- Fixed: Experience bonus scroll was not decreasing time correctly.

- New: New spell FXs.
- Fixed: Female Dark Elf mage model corrections.
- Fixed: Terrain glitches on Meleketi (Ignis).
- Fixed: Dwarf looping animation when sitting.

- Updated: Confirmation when buying premium items.
- Updated: Cannot buy another rent horse if you already have one.
- New: OpenGL safe mode.
- Fixed: Direct3D safe mode increased compatibility.

- Fixed: One more server leak fixed (Server now should get longer uptimes).
- Fixed: Ignored users now also ignore party invites.
- Fixed: Pets no longer obey tamer orders if he/she is dead.
- Fixed: Kills logging (monsters, characters, coliseum kills, NPC's).

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